Privacy Policy

1. The capitalized words and terms used in this Privacy Policy will have the meaning as ascribed thereto in the General Terms and Conditions of Use.

2. Jungle Trouble uses cookies on the Site, mostly in order to track traffic coming from other web sites and leaving to other web sites. Jungle Trouble does not use the cookies to attempt to link them with individuals to make any information personally identifiable.

3. Jungle Trouble processes the User’s details and transactions as strictly confidential and it will not disclose the User’s personal information or Account information to any third party, unless required by applicable law or any authority.

4. Jungle Trouble collects, manages and uses the User’s personal information only to improve the Services. Most of this information is given by the User. Some information is collected automatically (such as game history or payment method).

5. Personal information is used to protect and manage the User’s Account. It is also used to process the User’s transactions and to comply with legislation. Furthermore, the information helps Jungle Trouble to design new services and to improve existing ones, enabling Jungle Trouble to continue to offer quality entertainment. The information also enables Jungle Trouble to contact the User and to inform the User about the Services, the Site and/or the Software.

6. For market research or promotional purposes, Jungle Trouble may use non-personal, unspecified information in order to create statistics about the User’s activities. This could relate to Game tactics, transaction patterns and payments. Without the User’s prior consent, these activities never contain any identifiable personal information.

7. Jungle Trouble has taken various measures to protect the User’s information. The information is stored on a secure network and is accessible only to a limited number of staff. Whenever the User consults his/her details, he/she does so via a secure connection. A special coding system is used when data is exchanged. The technology applied is regularly updated so as to be able to continue to guarantee the protection of the User’s information and system reliability.

8. The User has the right to request access to his/her own personal information and to correct inaccurate information.

9. Jungle Trouble reserves the right to replace its Privacy Policy or to make amendments to it at any time. It is suggested that the User regularly checks.

10. Jungle Trouble’s address is: MONKEY LIKES BANANAS LTD, Suite B 29 Harley Street, London, United Kingdom. Please e-mail questions or comments.

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