Welcome to Jungle Trouble

Welcome to Jungle Trouble fellas...

Here you can play with animal characters and have fun in the jungle where you are not alone. This game is Online Multiplayer Fighting Game just like MOBA but with more action. What that means is that you can play online with people from around the world inside a browser for free. We hope you enjoy this game and even become a king of the jungle. See ya inside the arena …

Truly yours


Choosing the right skill means the difference between life and heaven. Find you best suited skill and send all animals to heaven.

Character customization
One animal with plenty of costumes to you look cool even when you fail ...or WIN.

Quick Play

Play without registration, but bare in mind that your progress will not be saved until you register and your access to other game modes and goodies will be restricted. Have fun.

Create Game

This is where you are in control of the game. Play with your friends or even meet other animals as you wait.

Game Controls
Select the layout you prefer best: